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Welcome to Blue Ridge Speech and Voice!

Innovative speech therapy for North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, & the comfort of your home 

Blue Ridge Speech and Voice is an affordable, results oriented private practice established by Emily Halder in 2019, and is based out of western North Carolina. Our practice specializes in providing speech therapy services for adults. Some of our common areas of treatment include transgender voice modification, aphasia, dysphagia, voice disorders, and cognitive rehabilitation. Learn more about these areas on our "services" page! Our experienced therapists provide services online with Zoom, making us an easy option for those with busy schedules, concerns about Covid-19, or limited mobility. Blue Ridge Speech and Voice is at the cutting edge of all evidence-based therapy programs to ensure quality outcomes for our clients.


Blue Ridge Speech and Voice's secure online client portal and service delivery model ensure that you get more one-on-one treatment time, and spend less time filling out forms and dealing with office staff.  Call today for a free consultation and see how we can help you or your loved ones with your speech and voice needs!



Now accepting new clients!

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Watch our video introduction to speech therapy for adults.

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What is speech therapy for adults?

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) do more than just speech! The job title is misleading, but SLPs have education and training in neurology, voice, speech, language, swallowing, cognition, breathing, and hearing. Some choose to specialize in working with children, whereas others (like Emily and Erin) choose to work with adults. SLPs are required to get an average of 10 hours continuing education each year to maintain their credentials, so they become more specialized in their areas of interest over time. SLPs who specialize in adult treatment most often work with acquired voice, communication and swallowing disorders, but also with clients who wish to modify their voice or accent for personal reasons.

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Meet the team!

Emily Halder (she/her)

Hi there! I’m Emily and I’m the owner of Blue Ridge Speech and Voice. I’ve been a licensed speech therapist since 2012 and have a passion for working with adults.  I am licensed in North Carolina and Georgia. My primary areas of interest are gender-affirming voice modification, aphasia, and cognitive rehabilitation. I was featured by Simple Practice for Women’s History Month in 2022 for my work with the transgender community, and am proud to make gender affirming voice services more easily accessible by accepting insurance. In addition to being a therapist, I also do freelance work with a goal of educating other speech therapists who are interested in providing gender-affirming voice modification.

ASHA number: 14037439

NC SLP license number: 13511

GA SLP license number: SLP008861

VA SLP license number: 2202011013

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Erin Mack (she/her)

Erin is our newest team member, but she has been a licensed speech therapist since 2004. She is currently licensed in both North Carolina and South Carolina and has a special interest in working with Parkinson’s disease, aphasia, and swallowing disorders. Erin has an advanced certification in LSVT Loud which helps people with Parkinson’s disease (as well as other voice and swallowing disorders) improve their voice, speech, and swallowing.

ASHA number: 12071649

NC SLP license number: 6433

SC SLP license number: 7244

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide inclusive, cutting edge, evidence-based speech therapy to our clients. We want to make speech therapy more effective, affordable, and easily accessible for everyone. We believe that everyone deserves the best treatment possible, with culturally competent and experienced clinicians. Blue Ridge Speech and Voice's secure client portal and online service delivery model ensure that you get more time working on your goals and less time dealing with traffic and office staff. We are licensed to provide services to anyone in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, or Georgia.


Based in Waynesville, North Carolina


Online services available to individuals who live in NC, SC, VA, or GA 

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