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Gender-affirming voice specialty

Blue Ridge Speech and Voice is currently the only private practice in North Carolina that both specializes in gender-affirming voice (AKA "transgender voice modification") and bills insurance. I started working with gender-affirming voice in 2011 and it is still my passion! I have experience working with transgender women, men, and clients who are nonbinary. If you'd like to change your voice, get in touch for a free consultation! I provide services via Telehealth anywhere in North Carolina, Virginia, or Georgia.

Audio samples

Here are some audio samples from clients who gave their consent to share their own voice recordings from before and after/during treatment


Blue Ridge Speech and Voice is an in-network provider with Medicare, BCBS, Aetna, CIGNA, Oscar, and Friday Health Plans. To have your services billed directly to insurance, just check if you have met your deductible, have a copay, and how many sessions your policy covers each year. You can upload a picture of your insurance card in my client portal.

Working Cafe

How to get started

Get in touch (call, text, or email) to schedule a phone consultation and/or an evaluation. I'll then email you a link to my client portal where you can fill out your information. On the day of your appointment, I'll email you a Zoom link 5-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time. That's it! 

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