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Speech and Voice Services

Personalized Care and Guidance

Speech-language pathology has a broad scope of practice, but these are treatment areas in which our therapists specialize and have the most experience. If you have other speech therapy needs, feel free to call or email to discuss treatment options or possible need for referral elsewhere.


Having trouble finding your voice as a transgender or non binary person? Allow me to help you find a voice that better aligns with your identity. With gender affirming voice modification, we can address your pitch, resonance, speech sounds, cadence, and nonverbal communication (such as body language, sneezing, coughing, and laughing) to help you feel happy and comfortable with your voice. For over 10 years now, I've helped transgender people find the voice that matched them, and I would love to help you meet your own voice goals.  Check out my blog posts on transgender voice services!

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Aphasia is an incredibly frustrating communication disorder, commonly affecting stroke survivors.  It can affect your independence by limiting how much you can express your thoughts and needs. Whether your aphasia is mild or severe, we can help you learn to better express yourself and understand others.  We love to incorporate music into treatment sessions to tap into different language pathways in the brain. With extensive experience treating aphasia and stroke survivors, we would love to help you regain your communication skills!

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DYSPHAGIA (Swallowing disorder)

Do you have difficulty chewing or swallowing food, pills, or liquids? Maybe you've even been diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia? People with dysphagia often experience the following symptoms: coughing while drinking liquids, feeling food/pills "get stuck" in their throat, pocketing food in cheeks without realizing it until later, even choking. I've been treating individuals suffering from dysphagia my entire career and can provide assessment, recommendations for diet modifications, exercises, and compensatory strategies.

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Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease? Individuals with Parkinson's often report difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) and/or problems with their voice and speech.  Speech therapy can help with both areas. We provide voice treatment to help you speak louder and more clearly, and strengthen the muscles required for chewing and swallowing. Both of our clinicians have a special interest in Parkinson's disease, with Emily being involved in the Movers and Shakers Parkinson's support group in Atlanta, and Erin holding an advanced certification in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT).

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Many people experience cognitive deficits after a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or due to dementia. This is often experienced as memory loss, slower thinking, problems with remembering the day or time, or difficulty with reasoning and judgment.  Our therapists can assess all these areas, and then provide an individualized care plan to get you back to feeling like yourself. Our goal is to have my clients be as independent as possible in their own home, while also ensuring their safety. Emily has had a special interest in cognition since undergrad (hence the bachelor's degree in cognitive science) and her master's thesis was on the subject of brain injury. She has even worked with rehabilitation facilities to implement a cognitive therapy program where none existed. Call to see how a cognitive specialist can help you!

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