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Transgender Voice Modification Services

transgender voice
Nonbinary and transgender welcome!

Many people think that the only good option for a transgender person to modify their voice is through surgery. But did you know that surgery only changes pitch? Voice is more complex than just pitch, however. You know how some cis women have naturally deep husky voices (check out clips of actress Shoreh Aghdashloo), but they still sound distinctly feminine? That's because you're also noting breathiness, cadence, speech sound differences, resonance, and taking in all the nonverbal communication patterns. A speech-language pathologist with training and experience in transgender voice and communication can work on all these areas to help you achieve the voice you desire. Some people seek a fully feminine voice, whereas others may want a gender neutral voice. Many transgender individuals also want to learn how to "code switch," or change their voice based on the situation. Whatever your voice goal is, I would love to help you get there and better express your authentic self!

Transgender voice modification sessions begin with getting in touch with me to schedule an evaluation of your current voice, then we can design a plan to best meet your needs. Most often, voice sessions are done on a weekly basis with the client doing "homework" practice in between each session. Voice modification services can be done online through TelePractice, or I can come to your home and work in-person. Call or text for a free consultation to see if I would be the right clinician for you!

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